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Constitution for ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’

The ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’ came about from its original International Founders in Norway. Since then the project has spread around the world and has gained notoriety within it.

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Our Aims

We aim to help young children between ages of 3-7 years to lose their fears of doctors and hospital environment in a playful and non- threatening way. To establish a good rapport and communication skills between the children and the medical students. To give medical insights to children namely with respect to understanding our bodies and safe, healthy living. To provide an opportunity for medical students to know more about paediatrics and also giving those interested in paediatrics a chance to work with children. Finally, to provide a fun-filled, enjoyable and thrilling time for both the children and ourselves.

Our Officers and their main role:
  • Patron: Dr Jeannette Naish
    • The Patron oversees all activities and Supports TBH project in an advisorial capacity by adding weight to the Project with their name and reputation behind it.
  • President: Yasin Fatine
    • The President co-ordinates with the University, the Trust, National and International Organisations and ensures the vision of TBH is not lost.
  • Senior Advisors: Anam Ali, Nazreen Shafi
    • The Senior Advisor acts as an advisor to the main committee and allows smoother transition from year to year when committee members changes.
  • Vice President: Spandana Rupa Madabhushi
    • The Vice President organises the SSC component of TBH, for both second and fourth year medical students.
  • Head of Promotions: Priti Narshi, Khizar Rafique
    • The Head of Promotions co-ordinates the Lead Liaisons and promotes TBH within the local community. Also she/he rganises clinics in schools.
  • Head of Press: Vishnu Naidu
    • The Head of Press deals with all media requirements of the TBH project.
  • Head of Social and Sponsorship: Shahrzad Zonoozi
    • The Head of Social and Sponsorshp co-ordinates the Lead Campaign Managers in their targeted companies to gain sponsorship, grants and donations.
  • Treasurer: Farrah Bahsoon
    • The Treasurer provides financial records, projection forecasts and profit/loss statements. Also, she/he deals with all legal issues including insurance and medical defence cover.
  • Dental Officer: Reema Quadros
    • The Dental Officer is the voice of the dentists on the committee and helps to develop new workshops and events that revolve around child dental health and hygiene.
  • Dental Representatives: Shakra Ajmal, Mohammad Farhad Rahman
    • The Dental Representatives liase with the Dental Officer and work together in all the dental projects done in TBH.
  • Secretary: Zahrah Hanif, Ferduche Miah
    • The Secretary deals with communication in the main enquiries TBH account.
  • Admin: Aamenah Hawash, Chris Episkopos, Dana Davies-Shaw
    • The Admin provides general adiministrative support to the TBH.
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