TBH SMD medical, dental students and Workshop

Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH)

is an innovative new Public health project run by medical and dental students at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (SMD).

The project aims to relieve children fears and anxieties about doctors, dentists and hospitals using a psychological method called systemic desensitisation.

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TBH workshop

Children lose their fears of doctors, dentists and hospitals in a playful non-threatening way.

TBH Police workshop

Workshops on emergency services are organised and held by Police, Fire and Ambulance with SMD students.

TBH student and mascot

Workshops give a fun-filled, enjoyable and thrilling time for both the children and the students.

TBH bleeding and burns workshop

Children learn about safety in the home in a fun way through workshops on bleeding and burns.

TBH workshop

Workshops are an opportunity for medical and dental students to learn more about paediatrics.

Dental hygiene workshop

Children know more about the importance of medical and dental hygiene.